So, after having some thoughts about doing something interesting this weekend, I seem to have wound up doing very little today. I went out for a walk in the morning, and then spent some time installing Windows 8.1 Update 1 (or whatever it’s called) on my ThinkPad, and reading comics.

Specifically, I’ve been reading Ed Brubaker’s Criminal. I read the first series, with “Coward” and “Lawless”, a few weeks ago, and now I’m reading volume 2. I have V2 #1-7 in single issues, which I bought when they first came out. (They’ve been in my to-be-read pile for quite a while.) I stopped buying new comics not long after they came out, so I’ll need to pick up the rest in trades or hardcover, or on Comixology or something. (The series is definitely good enough that I will be reading the rest of it!)

I remember reading some of Brubaker’s early work in Dark Horse Presents, years ago, and really loving it. This series reminds me of that stuff, but a lot more mature. (Not that his Captain America work wasn’t great too, but that’s a very different kind of thing.) And the essays on film noir in the back of each issue are pretty cool; I’ve added several books & movies to my Amazon wish list based on recommendations found in those essays. The artwork by Sean Phillips is also great; just perfect for this kind of story.

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