July 2006

After initially deciding that I would skip 52 entirely, or maybe pick up the collections after it’s finished, I broke down today and went over to the comic shop and […]

After working in an office without air conditioning for the last two days, I’m ready to get out of New Jersey and head off to San Diego. The temperature outside […]

I just started reading Infinite Crisis. This site has some nice notes explaining the many references in each issue. Whatever happened to footnotes in comics? In this case, I guess, […]

Well, Italy won the World Cup about an hour ago, and the crazed, drunken fans are still running around up and down Main St., waving flags, yelling, and generally carrying […]

Heroic Grace II and Shaw Brothers Classics: classic martial arts (and related) movies at Lincoln Center. Some of this stuff overlaps with the San Diego con, so I’m going to […]