another Comic-Con down

I’m done with the con, and back in my hotel room, trying to figure out how to fit all my stuff back in my luggage. I think I’ll get everything packed away OK, but I’m wondering how it will all look by the time I get back to Newark. Hopefully, everything will still be in one piece.

Looking back, I think I did most of the things I like to do at a con:

  • Ric Meyers’ kung-fu thing.
  • A few DC and Marvel panels.
  • A couple of the panels done by the CFQ guys. (This year, the movie preview and Robot Rumble panels.)
  • A couple of Mark Evanier’s panels. (This year, the cartoon voices panel, and a panel on cover art.)
  • A couple of TV or movie panels. (This year, BSG and Blade.)
  • I picked up a few cheap TPBs from TFAW’s “nick and dent” sale.
  • I picked up a few books from Mile High’s “last hour of the con” 50% off sale.
  • I picked up a stack of books out of somebody’s $1 box.
  • I picked up a couple of action figures. (Hellboy and the Ikki Tousen figure I mentioned in a previous post.)

As usual, I’m not 100% sure if I’ll be going back next year. I probably will, but the con is getting so big it’s almost a hassle to deal with it. I find that I can still have a good time, if I set my expectations correctly. I don’t assume I’m going to get into any particular panels, or get any specific signatures, or anything like that. That generally works.

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