memories of comics past

This morning, I was looking at some books on Comixology, and noticed that there was a (relatively) recent X-Factor series that was written by Peter David. I enjoyed his X-Factor run back in the 90s, and again in 2005. It looks like this one didn’t last too long, though I guess 20 issues isn’t bad these days.

This led me to checking Peter’s web site, which I hadn’t looked at recently. I remembered that he had some health problems a while ago, but I honestly just hadn’t thought much about him lately. I see that he’s updating the site fairly regularly, and I don’t see any mention of his health in recent posts, so I’m hoping that means he’s doing well. This also reminded me that I have his two Pulling Up Stakes books on my Kindle. I should read those!

And, while browsing his site, I noticed his “friends” list in the sidebar. I don’t think he’s updated that list lately, as a number of the links are dead. But one that wasn’t took me to Bob Greenberger’s site, where I found his recent posts reminiscing about the old New York DC offices. Those were a lot of fun to read. I remember his run as editor on DC’s Star Trek titles fondly. There were some great stories published in those books, and his letter columns were always fun too.

All this reminiscing led me to pick up the April 2008 issue of CBG, which has been at the top of my pile of unread CBG issues for quite some time now. I’ve got another dozen issues or so in that pile. Every once in a while, I’ll dive in and read a few articles, and maybe polish off an issue, but I haven’t really done that recently. At the rate I’m going, I’ll deplete the pile in 2032, I think. Which is fine. CBG was canceled several years ago, so it’s not like I’m falling further behind. Their old web site, by the way, is frozen in amber at the time of the cancellation, in early 2013.

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