April 2006

I took my “floating holiday” today, for Good Friday. I managed to get a few things done around the apartment. I ran out to Staples and bought a shredder. I’ve […]

Since I’m on this whole trading kick, I decided to sign up for a Peerflix account, which is a DVD-trading service similar to Lala. They operate a little differently from […]

Well, I signed up for Lala and posted some stuff yesterday. We’ll see how that goes. There was an article about Zunafish in the NY Times today, and now I’m […]

I’m curious about Lala.com. It sounds like it might be a worthwhile way to get oddball used CDs. I’d always rather have a CD than a DRM’d digital download.

I took a shot at making risotto tonight. It turned out OK, but not great. The rice wasn’t quite the right consistency, but it tasted good. I’m not sure if […]

I bought CounterSpy about a year ago. I used it on my home PC for awhile, but I started having problems with it at some point and uninstalled it. It’s […]

I worked late pretty much every day this week, so I was really looking forward to getting out on time today. I did manage to get out just a few […]

CBR has an article listing all the Eisner award nominees. Although I’m way behind in my reading, I have actually read a few of these books, and I’m planning on […]

I took a little “indie music test” and it came back with this: i am open-minded! How indie are you? test by ridethefader You’re pretty knowledgeable about music in general. […]


Last.fm has a nifty little tool now that can generate a little graphic, showing what you’ve been listening to lately. Here’s mine:Probably doesn’t look too exciting right now.