Good Friday

I took my “floating holiday” today, for Good Friday. I managed to get a few things done around the apartment. I ran out to Staples and bought a shredder. I’ve had a pile of old credit card bills and whatnot that I intended to take into work and shred on our big shredder, but I kept forgetting to bring them in, so I decided to just get a small shredder and take care of them. I had credit card bills going back to 1988 in there. Looking at them brought back some old RPI memories — eating at Holmes & Watson, picking up CDs (or casettes) at Music Shack, stuff like that. But they’re all confetti now. Goodbye 1980’s!

Meanwhile, I sent off two DVDs through Peerflix. Both were DVDs I’d gotten for free anyway, so if I can get a couple of good DVDs in return, all the better.

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