Airport Express

The old Airport Base Station died again this morning, so I’m definitely giving up on it now. It seems to work for only a few hours after doing a hard reset and reloading everything, then it dies.

I just hooked up the Airport Express, and it’s working great. I have it sitting on my desk, so I can see the little green light. It’s small enough that I could just leave it on the floor, but I like being able to see if it’s working or not. It’s kind of hard to get it to stand up on the desk; I wish there was a little stand for it. Other than that, it’s great.

More Airport Weirdness

My new Airport Express showed up today. Rather than just toss the old one and hook it up, I decided to take one more crack at getting the old base station working again. And, hey, it works! I had to go through the reset instructions very carefully, but I did eventually get the firmware reloaded and the unit reconfigured. If the settings get lost again, though, I’m giving up on it. If it keeps working, though, then I’ll probably use the Express in the living room and hook up my stereo to it.

Or maybe I’ll sell the old base station to these guys and make a few bucks. (That’s the nice thing about Apple equipment. You almost never have to throw anything away. There’s always somebody that wants it.)

I picked up some Airport tips from this page, by the way.