Blast from the Past

No C# tonight. I’ve been paging through some old issues of DDJ from 1996. Ah, for the days when articles about PowerBuilder occasionaly appeared in mainstream programming magazines. And Java was new. And the Year 2000 problem was just starting to freak people out. I let my subscription to DDJ lapse in 1996, and I’ve had the last few issues just sitting, unread, under the microwave since then. Time to finish them off and put them out at the curb, methinks.

Mr. Productivity

I just spent the last 2 hours working on converting an old C++ program to C#. I sorta like C#, but this particular program used every part of C++ that C# trashed or changed drastically: function pointers, unions, friend classes, oddball stream handling, and other stuff like that. That’s good, of course, since the whole point of this exercise is to learn C#. Actually, I haven’t used C++ in so long, I don’t remember what some of the fancy stuff in this program is doing anyway.

William Gibson

Stumbled across William Gibson’s web site tonight. Pretty cool. And he’s got a new book coming out! I remember reading, and loving, Neuromancer when it first came out. I’ve read most of his other books, and they’re all pretty nice, too, especially The Difference Engine. The front page of the site looks a little like it was designed by Dave McKean.


I managed to install IIS on my XP Home machine today, but the whole thing was a little iffy. I couldn’t bring up pages in Mozilla, only Explorer. Other stuff was not as it should be. It was just, you know, odd. So I gave up and uninstalled it. I got an interesting error doing that. It worked though. It went away. So now I’m resigned to NOT doing ASP.NET stuff on my home desktop machine for now. My laptop (running Win 2K Pro) should be able to support IIS, and hence ASP.NET, so maybe I’ll give that a go at some point. And I can probably do other .Net stuff on the XP Home machine, like C# with SharpDevelop. I’ll let you know how that goes. (Whoever you are.)

Microsoft .NET Code Fest 2003

I went to Microsoft .NET Code Fest 2003 today. I’m still not entirely convinced that .Net is a good thing. I’m starting to see stuff that I like, but I’m still suspicious. I wanted to start playing around with ASP.NET at home tonight, but I quickly realized that Microsoft doesn’t want you to run IIS under XP Home. Oh well. I think I can hack it in tomorrow. There’s a way to make it work…

If only Clipper was still a viable development option!

Stimulating the economy

I bought a bunch of stuff this weekend:

  • The new Badly Drawn Boy album.
  • “Retro,” the New Order 4 CD box set.
  • A couple of Spider-Man TPB’s, reprinting all the JMS issues that I didn’t already have.
  • A Hulk TPB, reprinting the first Bruce Jones issues.
  • The Powers “Who Killed Retro Girl?” TPB.
  • ASP.NET in a Nutshell. Not as fun as the other stuff, but necessary.

So, I’ve got a lot of listening and reading to do. Too bad I still don’t seem to have enough spare time for all this. Oh well!

(The motivation for buying all the comics, by the way, was a gift certificate that I got for Christmas. I’m not on some mad buying spree. Really.)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

  • I got a chance to see Adaptation and Nicholas Nickleby this weekend. Both were definitely worth seeing.

  • So what’s going on at Macworld right now? Boy it’d be nice to be in San Francisco right now.

  • I give up on the Giants. Hey, the NFL admitted that there was an officiating screw-up on the last play, though. Can we just play the game over next week? Can we? Huh?