I had to learn Python this week for a little project at work. (OK, I guess I didn’t have to learn Python, but it seemed like the best tool for […]

My coffee maker died this week, after about 15 years of daily use. Assuming Krups still makes good stuff, I suppose I can justify the cost of this thing. While […]

I got tired of trying to back up my 80 GB hard drive to 15 GB tapes today, so I ran out and bough a 120GB Maxtor OneTouch. Much faster […]

I just finished watching the last three episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Good golly, that was weird. I’m going to have to pick up the movies now, and see how […]

THere’s a nice series of sci-fi movies coming up at the Walter Reade Theater. And, yep, I’ve got a cold. Hopefully, it’ll be gone by Christmas.

Check out phpmac.com for information on running PHP on a Mac. I’ve just started playing around with PHP a bit, since there’s a chance we’ll need to do something with […]

Slashdot | New Battlestar Galactica – Worth a Series? I actually liked the new Galactica. As an ongoing series, I could see it going either way — either falling into […]