November 2003

So much for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Back to work tomorrow! I did a whole bunch of Christmas shopping this weekend, plus I mailed out my Christmas cards, started Final […]

I’m wearing shorts! Wow, it was nice and warm out today. Over 60, I think. And my apartment heats up unnaturally on days like this, so it was about 78 […]

Well, it’s Monday and my brother is still in the hospital. Hopefully, not for much longer. Meanwhile, I’m on vacation this week. I spent my first day of vacation playing […]

My Mom mentioned that she’d seen our old boss Henry Capro on the news tonight, in some story about Ethanol. I did a little Googling, and found a reference to […]

I haven’t gotten around to seeing Matrix Revolutions yet, but I just finished watching The Meatrix. Kind of clever, if a bit heavy-handed, as these things usually are.