November 2002

Just for yuks, I’m blogging from Mozilla on my iBook. The Blogger interface actually looks OK, although it doesn’t have some of the functionality it has under IE on Windows.

There are still some weird things going on with my desktop computer, but it’s mostly good now. I may let it do a full backup tomorrow, while I sit in […]

Disturbing links: A Photographic History of Michael Jackson’s Face Snap Your Desk (Update 10/28/2018: both from here, and probably dead by now.)

The iBook showed up this week, too. It’s great. OS X is much better than OS 9. It looks great, too. DVD playback is nice. The sound quality is good, […]

I broke down and ordered a new iBook tonight, from PowerMax. 800 MHz, 12.1″ screen, 256 MB RAM, 30 GB HD. And, surprisingly enough, they’re giving me $475 for the […]

Hey. I’m posting this from Red Hat 8. Okay, not a real big deal, but I installed it, and it works. And it seems to support most of my hardware. […]