Adam Ant to pay for affray Man, Adam Ant don’t look so good… (And here’s an old interview with him, which is kinda funny.)

In This ‘Superman’ Story, the Executives Do the Fighting So, will there EVER be another Superman or Batman movie?

Growing, Selecting And Using Basil I’ve got a couple of basil plants in my apartment that I’ve somehow avoiding killing for quite some time now. I just harvested a nice […]

Spent a bit too much time today trying to figure out how I could create a DLL containing user-defined functions callable from Crystal Reports 8. The obvious route was to […]

“We have been told, time and time again in the last year, that in order to protect our freedom we must destroy it.” — Steven Grant

“I plan to watch no television tomorrow at all.” — Elayne Riggs, yesterday. Me too.