There’s lots of info on OneNote 12 on Chris Pratley’s blog. Interesting. I also noticed a link to the OneNote Image Writer PowerToy on his blog.

More silliness with Windows file permissions. This time, I’m getting them all straightened out: cacls *.pdf /t /e /g “Andrew Huey”:F SYSTEM:F

Important command to remember: cacls *.pdf /g “Andrew Huey”:F SYSTEM:F — for the next time my computer decides I shouldn’t be able to look at my own damn tax forms. […]

There are still some weird things going on with my desktop computer, but it’s mostly good now. I may let it do a full backup tomorrow, while I sit in […]

Windows XP Service Pack 1 is now available. I just installed it. It took awhile, but no hassles. Doesn’t include anything really new, except the silly little “Program Access and […]