I was just browsing through Jerry Pournelle’s web site, and discovered that he, too, installed Office 2003 this weekend. His main problem thus far seems to be getting to newsgroups […]

I upgraded my home computer to Office 2003 today. I haven’t seen anything exciting yet, but at least nothing’s gone wrong — no mysterious crashes, hard disk corruption, blue screens […]

Lots of computer trouble today, all of which boiled down to one bad application and its apparently corrupt data file. I had been using Magic Notes to keep some sticky […]

I’ve been playing around with BitTorrent a lot over the last week or so. It’s nice. I’ve been downloading a bunch of fansubbed anime. Just what I needed: another hobby!

A little press release related to my company’s handheld computing program turned up on the Extended Systems site a while ago.

Stuff that might come in handy, the next time I’m looking for drivers:

I just got finished playing around with Swish. I created a dinky little Flash animation and put it up on this page in place of the old jpeg logo. I […]

There are still some weird things going on with my desktop computer, but it’s mostly good now. I may let it do a full backup tomorrow, while I sit in […]