Happy Thanksgiving! Coincidentally (or not), I’ve been thinking about gratitude a bit lately. I stumbled across Berkeley’s Greater Good site recently, and spent some time perusing the gratitude section. The […]

A very clever DJ on the radio this morning played Pete Yorn’s version of Splendid Isolation (originally a Warren Zevon song). It seems apropos, after this week’s election results. David […]

A few months ago, I had an incident where my vision went all wonky for about 15 minutes, then I got a fairly bad headache right afterward. The vision problem […]

After having, I think, a bit too much coffee on Friday and not sleeping well, I stuck with decaf over the weekend and slept pretty good on Saturday night and […]

Yesterday, I went down to Whiting to visit my friend Gloria and celebrate my birthday. Since it was a nice day out, and I got an early start, I decided […]