Five year work anniversary

I hit my five-year anniversary at SHI this week. I don’t really have much to say about that, but I thought I should mark it with a quick blog post. I mentioned SHI in my New Year’s Day post, so that covered my current status pretty well. I first mentioned the job on my blog in March 2013, after I’d been there for a couple of months. My current projects are a mix of straight Dynamics AX work in X++, some .NET stuff, using C#, and some research into Power BI. So it’s a pretty good mix. I think I might see some opportunities to do stuff with Power BI in the cloud and maybe some Azure stuff this year. So that could be fun.

We recently (finally) got current Visual Studio subscriptions at work, so I now have access to VS 2017 Pro and the other random fun stuff that comes with a VS subscription. (Previously, we had some kind of standalone licenses to VS 2012 and 2013.)

I’m always a little worried about stagnating and turning into “that guy” who has been doing COBOL programming for years and hasn’t learned anything new since the Nixon administration. But SHI seems to be giving me enough opportunities to work on new and interesting stuff, and I’m still trying to keep current independently, via services like Pluralsight and Safari, and podcasts like .NET Rocks and Hanselminutes. So I guess I’m still on the right career track.

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