I haven’t gotten around to seeing Matrix Revolutions yet, but I just finished watching The Meatrix. Kind of clever, if a bit heavy-handed, as these things usually are.

I just found out that the Walter Reade Theater is doing a Lord of the Rings trilogy weekend in January, showing the extended versions of all three films, and doing […]

HEROIC GRACE: THE CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS FILM — a film series at the Walter Reade theater. Sounds like something I’m going to need to check out!

Happy New Year! I got a chance to see Adaptation and Nicholas Nickleby this weekend. Both were definitely worth seeing. So what’s going on at Macworld right now? Boy it’d […]

Two Towers stuff: Gollum vs. Dobby and a few other questions. Q: So, who would win a fight between Gollum and Dobby? Elijah Wood (aka Frodo): Definitely Gollum, because he’s […]

My old MP3 player sold already! That was quick. Now I need to get rid of my old camera, my old monitor, etc, etc… Maybe someday I’ll have enough room […]

In This ‘Superman’ Story, the Executives Do the Fighting So, will there EVER be another Superman or Batman movie?