The main product of the company I currently work for is a hosted store locator and lead manager service, named Bullseye. We’ve been concentrating on both improving it and marketing […]

OK, one more post for tonight. (This is another one I suspected that I may have previously written up, but apparently not.) I’ve known about Selenium for awhile now, mostly […]

OK, here’s another REST API example. In the same system I blogged about yesterday, I also had to use the Mandrill API to send out some transactional emails. Mandrill is […]

I haven’t posted much code to my blog lately, so I thought I’d pass along some general-purpose C# code that I recently used in a project. I’m working on a […]

I just finished ASP.NET 2.0: A Developer’s Notebook. Looking back through old posts, it appears that I’ve been working my way through this one for quite a while now. Oh […]

New version of #develop out today. I couldn’t believe how nice this was when I first starting playing around with it. Open source stuff usually isn’t this good. I’ve switched […]