C# source code analysis

Something came up at work today that got me thinking about source code analysis tools. Since I’m currently working on two C# projects, both of which are close to done and working reasonably well, I decided that maybe it would be cool to try running some source code analysis tools against them and see if there was anything I could clean up.

I started with something fairly simple: StyleCop. I installed the Visual Studio extension for it, ran it and went through the results. It found a ton of stuff, much of which I didn’t entirely agree with. But it did find quite a few things that made sense to me, so I cleaned them all up. With the VS extension, StyleCop only identifies issues; it doesn’t do any automated fixes. And it’s not doing any deep analysis; it’s just finding stuff like issues with naming conventions, missing comment headers, too much or too little whitespace, and similar style issues. But I’m a sucker for that stuff, and I like my code to be consistent with accepted conventions (for the most part).

I also looked at CodeMaid, which looks like it does a lot of stuff that’s similar to StyleCop, but it also automates fixing the issues. I didn’t get around to trying it, but I’d like to play with it when I get a chance. It’s open source, so I can try it without having to worry about spending any money.

I’ve been aware of some of the fancier commercial tools for a long time. Specifically, ReSharper and CodeRush. I’m curious about them, but they’re both too expensive for me to really justify. If I ever find myself in a job where I’m doing a lot more C# work than I’m doing now, and I have a budget to work with, I’ll try one of those.

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