Outwitted by The New Yorker

In a moment of weakness, I signed up for a one year subscription to The New Yorker, just about a year ago. I really don’t know what I was thinking. I’ve read maybe the first two issues of the subscription, and the rest are piled up on a chair. I guess I’ve used the subscription to read some online articles too, but I don’t think I’ve read that many, to be honest.

I expected the subscription to end on its own, since I used a virtual credit card number for it. But I’ve been outwitted. Apparently, the automatic updater service that’s used by companies to keep your normal credit card details up to date also works on virtual card numbers now. So my old trick of creating a virtual card number that expires in a month doesn’t work anymore. It just kind of rolls over to my regular card when the virtual one expires, apparently. I guess I need to go back to paying for subscriptions by hard-copy check. (Though maybe they have a way around that too.)

I probably would have caught this anyway, if I’d seen the renewal notice they sent me back in April. But all of my New Yorker emails are automatically routed to my “read/review” folder, and I’m just about two years behind in reading those emails. (Which is another reason why I probably don’t need a subscription to The New Yorker right now…)

Well, anyway, I’ve now paid $130 for another year, and I have a reminder set up in Evernote to ping me in April of 2024, so hopefully I can remember to double-check it then. I’ve already gone into my account screen and set it to not auto-renew, but they might try some shenanigans when it gets closer to the renewal date.

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