A Moment of Weakness

So I signed up for a New Yorker subscription, in a moment of weakness. And I even went for the combined print/digital subscription. I should probably just toss the issues in the garbage as soon as they show up, because I know I’m never going to get around to reading them!

I last had a subscription to The New Yorker in 2012/2013. I canceled it after one year, and I did eventually read (or at least skim) every issue, but it was probably 2015 when I finally tossed the last one.

I’m going through another one of those periods where I’m rethinking how I consume news. The news lately is really making my head spin. Between the January 6 hearings, the Supreme Court stuff, and the war in Ukraine, it’s starting to get to me. This week, I’ve been coping largely by binge-watching some old anime DVDs, of a very silly old series from the early 2000s. (I don’t even want to say which series, since it’s silly enough that I’m a little embarrassed to admit it.)

I still have New York Times and Washington Post (digital) subscriptions, and I still read a good number of articles from both. And I’m sure I’ll read a reasonable number of New Yorker articles. For now, though, maybe they’ll mostly be the humor articles, like this great one by Jonny Sun.

One thought on “A Moment of Weakness”

  1. Well now I’m curious which anime series it is! Silly is fun and I might want to give it a watch.

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