From Wildfire smoke to cause dangerous air quality, darken skies again today.

Yesterday wasn’t great, but today is really bad. I don’t remember air quality around here ever getting quite this bad. I managed a short walk early this morning, but when I tried a quick walk after lunch, it was too bad and I had to give up and go back inside. (And it’s not perfect inside either.) I’m not sure how much of this is due to air quality, but I’ve had a headache all day today and most of the day yesterday. And I’m getting itchy eyes and a rough throat. I may take a nap this afternoon, if I can get away with it.

I think I’m glad that I’m working from home today, but I’m also wondering if my office building’s HVAC system might be doing a better job of filtering out the bad stuff than my apartment building’s HVAC is doing. It wasn’t bad in the office yesterday, but overall it wasn’t as bad yesterday as it is today. I guess that if it’s really bad again tomorrow, I’ll find out how good the office HVAC system is, since I’m supposed to go in tomorrow.

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