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I feel like I should be posting about something other than comic books, since that’s just about all I’ve posted about lately, but honestly I’m not really moved to post about anything else right now. I have a couple of ideas for programming-related posts, but it’s Saturday and I’m not thinking about work today. So, more comic book stuff.

Since my last post, I’ve gotten my first shipment from Westfield. I didn’t really expect to get anything until the end of this month (August), but I ordered two comics that shipped in July, so I got a July shipment. I’d rather they held those two books though, since it cost $7.80 for shipping, and the two comics only cost $6.53 total. But, oh well, the next shipment will have a better comics/shipping cost ratio.

Also since my last post, I found out that my local comics shop has started using to manage their pull lists. If they’d had that in place a month ago, I might not have jumped back to Westfield. They used to use Comixology’s pull list service, until it was discontinued earlier this year. And I had been kind of hoping that they’d use Diamond’s Pullbox service when it becomes available, since that sounded like it would probably be a pretty smooth way to handle things. Well, if things don’t work out with Westfield, I’ll probably go back to the local shop and give the ManageComics thing a try.

I just placed my August Westfield order (for comics shipping in October). I ordered all of my usual books, but then had to decide on whether or not to order any of the new Sandman Universe books. I read Sandman: Overture last weekend, so I’m experiencing a little bit of Sandman nostalgia right now. So I picked up the Sandman Universe one-shot at the comics shop this week and read it. I think I’m a little bit interested in The Dreaming, but not the other three titles. All four books look good, honestly, and if I had a lot more spare time and money, I’d pick them all up. In the end, I decided not to pre-order The Dreaming. When it comes out, I’ll check the reviews, and maybe pick up the first couple of issues at the comics shop before committing to it.

I also read the first arc of B.P.R.D Hell on Earth last weekend. Back before I stopped buying comics regularly in 2009, I was a regular reader of all the Hellboy and B.P.R.D. comics. I’ve since filled in some of the stuff I’ve missed via Dark Horse Digital, and read a little bit of it. I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to jump into Hell on Earth. It’s a long story, and it looks to be fairly bleak. But I liked that first arc, so now I’ve ordered the first two hardcover collections, (Volumes One and Two). I don’t think I’m going to start buying any current B.P.R.D. comics though. I’m going to try to stick with trades/digital/hardcovers/whatever. I’m not sure if buying the hardcovers was a good idea, really. I probably should have waited for the next big sale at Dark Horse Digital. But hey, I got both hardcovers at a good discount.

Speaking of nostalgia for stuff I was reading 20+ years ago, I see there’s a Cerebus comic in the catalog this month too. It’s a one-shot, apparently, and looks like it might be funny, but I’m not ordering it. I’m definitely not ready to jump back into the Cerebus vortex! This is an example, though, of some of the difficulties with trying to buy comics these days. I would never have seen this at my local comics store. And, even with Westfield, it wasn’t in their printed catalog. I only stumbled across it because I noticed Aardvark-Vanaheim in the publisher list on the web site.

Beau Smith has a column up at the Westfield site that’s kind of relevant to all this indecision of mine regarding comic book buying. Relevant quote:

Be conscious and particular of where you are tossing your money. Make sure you throw it at what YOU want to read about. Make purposeful choices. Be entertained and informed.

I’m going to try to remember that. I should wrap this thing up and get back to actually reading comics now.

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