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I have now officially given up on my old MacBook Pro and bought a MacBook Air. I’m not entirely happy about this, but it seemed like the path of least resistance. Giving up on macOS altogether was somewhat tempting, but the more I thought about all the stuff I’d have to do to accomplish that, the less enthusiastic I was. And replacing the MacBook with a Mac Mini was also somewhat tempting, and would have been cheaper than the Air, but then I started looking at KVMs and thinking about other factors, and decided against that too.

When I saw that B&H had the MacBook Air marked down to $999 ($200 off), I decided to go with that. It’s an imperfect solution, since it’s only got a 250 GB drive (vs 500 GB in the old MacBook), but it’s better (for my needs) than the current crop of MacBooks and MacBook Pros. The keyboard is the old-style one (same as my old MacBook) and it has a few useful ports (unlike the newer MacBooks). Here’s the specific model that I bought. (One improvement over my old machine is that it has 8 GB of RAM vs. 4 GB on the old one, so that’s good.)

I’m currently setting it up, which is going to be a slow process, I think. I want to restore it from Time Machine, using Migration Assistant. But it won’t let me do that until I’ve updated it to the latest version of macOS. Which is apparently won’t let me do until I install some other updates first. So that’s going to take a while. The Time Machine backup is from May 9, which is probably ok. Most of the data on the Mac that changes frequently is in OneDrive, so that will get pulled down from there.

Once that’s done, it should be smooth sailing, I hope. (And if Apple announces new MacBook models at WWDC in June, I’m going to be really annoyed. Unless they’re new models that I wouldn’t be interested in anyway.)

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