Day One outage

It might be time to stop using Day One. I last blogged about Day One in 2016, when they had released a new version and switched to their own proprietary sync system. I expressed some concern about that sync system at the time, but I did pay for the new version, and I’ve kept using it.

Well, they just recovered from a multi-day outage of that sync system, and part of their restore procedure accidentally assigned some journals to the wrong users. They’ve written a postmortem that’s fairly straightforward and transparent, so kudos to them for that. But that’s a pretty big issue, regardless, in a system that’s supposed to be used for private journaling. I still mostly use Day One for fairly boring stuff, so it wouldn’t be too embarrassing if someone else saw my journal, but I can imagine a lot of people keep some really personal stuff in there.

For anyone using their premium service, with end-to-end encryption turned on, this wouldn’t be a problem. (The accidentally shared data would be encrypted and unreadable.) But I’m still on their old “paid for the software” plan and haven’t switched over to the subscription plan. And, of course, a multi-day outage and security snafu like this makes me a little less likely to do so at any point in the future.

I may switch back to using an old-fashioned five-year journal next year. I filled up two of these, starting in 2007 and going through to about 2016, before switching to Day One. The main issue with the hard copy journals is that you can’t do a full-text search. Also, my handwriting is atrocious. (This Levenger one looks nice though.)

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