HomePod reviews

I’ve been reading a bunch of HomePod reviews. Even though I’d already decided not to buy one, I guess I’m still kind of curious about it. Since I bought a Sonos One, I am of course looking to confirm that buying that was the right decision, so I’m paying more attention to negative HomePod reviews than positive ones.

Consumer Reports did some testing, and thinks that Sonos One sounds better. They’re pretty much the only ones though. Every other review thinks HomePod has better sound.

Gizmodo, for what its worth, thinks HomePod is only a little better than Sonos One. And they’ve got issues with the Apple-centric nature of the HomePod. (That complaint is pretty common among the other reviews too.)

I got some use out of my Sonos One over the weekend, since it was a rainy weekend, and I spent a good amount of time sitting in my recliner, reading comics. I was mostly just listening to WQXR, for background music. It works reasonably well for that kind of thing.

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