Gmail Privacy

Well, this is typical. Right after I switch from Gmail to FastMail, Google announces that they’re no longer going to read your email. Privacy concerns weren’t the only reason I switched, of course. I also wanted to use my own domain, and do some other stuff that I couldn’t do with the free version of Gmail. But, really, if they announced this a few months ago, I might not have talked myself into giving up Gmail.

On a semi-related note, I’ve had to switch from DuckDuckGo back to Google at work, because we have, for some reason, blocked DuckDuckGo. I switched to DDG at home and work some time ago, partially for privacy reasons, and also because of all the crazy distracting logo graphics that Google uses. Today’s one, celebrating Oskar Fischinger, is nice, but these things are so distracting I get sucked into them and forget what I was going to search for in the first place.

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