Why JMS Is Leaving Comic Books

Quite an interesting essay from J. Michael Straczynski, about why he won’t be doing any more comics work. This was interesting to me on several levels. I too have some vision problems which may get worse, though hopefully not to the level he experienced. And I too make my living by staring at computer screens and typing on a keyboard. So that’s a bit scary.

And his compulsion to shake things up whenever he gets too comfortable is admirable. That’s something I really don’t have, at least not to the extent that he has. If I get comfortable at something, or in some place, I usually just try to hang on. Though I do try to learn new things often, and my last job change was largely motivated by a desire to shake things up a bit. So I guess I’m not a total “stick in the mud.”

I’ll miss his comic book work. I enjoyed a lot of his stuff, including Rising Stars and Midnight Nation.

Then one day, that same voice, the voice that keeps challenging me and kicking over the apple cart and forcing me to start over, said “You’re done, move on, find something else to do, stretch yourself as a writer, take chances, risk failure.”

Source: Why J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI Is Leaving Comic Books, In His Own Words

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