Grant Morrison’s Action Comics

I just finished reading Grant Morrison’s Action Comics run. (He wrote the first eighteen issues of the New 52 Action Comics relaunch, starting in 2011.) As with a lot of his work, it’s a bit overwhelming. There’s a good review of the run here, and an “exit interview” with Grant Morrison about his run here.

I really liked the Rags Morales art, especially in the early issues. The simple design of his costume (t-shirt, jeans, and work boots) works better than I thought it would. And Morales and Morrison made a conscious choice to reference the look of the earliest Superman stories from the 30s, in terms of the way the character moves and interacts with his environment.

The narrative goes a little crazy, fairly early. It almost seems like Morrison just had a short attention span or something. But pretty much everything ties together in the end. The “fifth dimensional” aspect of the story explains the time jumps and the seeming lack of connection between some of the stories.

This series makes a good counterpoint to his All-Star Superman series. That one featured a more mature Superman, influenced by the Silver Age Superman comics. This series is more about the Golden Age Superman.

If you wanted to pick up the series, it’s completely contained in the first three of these Action Comics trade paperbacks. It’s definitely not a story for everyone. You need to be able to appreciate Morrison’s oddball approach, and be OK with a somewhat non-linear narrative. And it helps to have a good sense of humor about some of the more ridiculous aspects of Superman’s history.

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