MacBook crash

The hard drive on my MacBook got messed up last night, somehow. It’s pretty much unusable at this point. Disk Repair won’t fix it, and I haven’t had any luck copying files off of it. I don’t have a recent backup, just the old drive from when I replaced the original drive with an SSD, back in December. I can boot from that drive, and see the files on the SSD, but I can’t do much with them.

I’m not sure what caused the problem, but I have a feeling that it might have something to do with removing Trim Enabler, and running “trimforce enable” on the drive, which I did a few days ago. The drive has been running reliably with TRIM enabled via Trim Enabler since December, and I don’t see why enabling TRIM with an OS command vs a third-party utility would be an issue, but maybe it is.

I’m a little embarrassed and mad at myself for not having a more recent backup. But, the way I work now, it’s actually not that big a deal. Most of the stuff I need from the Mac is in Evernote or Dropbox. I really don’t create any irreplaceable files that don’t wind up in the cloud one way or another. So I’ve been thinking through things, and I’m going to have to reinstall a bunch of applications, and re-download a bunch of Doctor Who audio files, but there’s really nothing that’s going to have been irrevocably lost. Still, I’ve had “backup my MacBook” on my to-do list since January, and I just never got around to doing it.

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