hard drives and health

I’m trying to get myself back on a “normal” diet today, after my clear liquid diet over the weekend. I’m not sure it helped anything, but I assume my doctor knows what he’s doing. It turns out that not eating any food for 72 hours really takes a lot out of you. I went into work this morning, but gave up on it and went home around noon. I’ve since had a sandwich and a nap, and I think I’m feeling a bit better.

Meanwhile, I called Samsung to see about replacing my failed SSD drive, under their warranty. My first call to them was a failure, as the rep said he’d email a form to me, but didn’t. The second call got me as far as getting the form, which I filled out and emailed back. So now let’s see if the support rep does anything with it. What he should do is issue an RMA # and send me a prepaid UPS label. I’m not sure how long their RMA process will take, overall. I’ve been trying to decide if I should put the original drive back in the MacBook and use it until I get the replacement. If I had more energy right now, I’d probably do that, but a second nap is sounding pretty good.

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