Windows 10 upgrade – ThinkPad

I upgraded my ThinkPad to Windows 10 yesterday. It was a pretty uneventful upgrade. All of my software seems to work, including some stuff that I thought might be dicey, like Norton, VirtualBox, and OpenVPN. (Well, technically, I installed an upgrade to VirtualBox right after the Windows 10 upgrade, so I’m sure that fixed up the network stuff and whatnot.)

The new start menu is OK, I guess, but I’m not super excited about it. I was using Start8 with Windows 8, and I’ll probably install Start10 at some point.

I haven’t had a reason to play around at the command-line much yet, but I’m happy to see that they’ve made some (much overdue) improvements to it.

The ThinkPad upgrade was smooth enough that I now feel like it would be relatively safe to try the upgrade on my main desktop PC. I may do that next weekend, if I’ve got nothing else to do.

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