ScanCafe and Flickr – Mom’s photos

With all the work I’ve been doing this weekend to consolidate notes into Evernote and clean up my GTD lists, a few neglected projects have jumped out at me. A big one was my project to scan in all my Dad’s slides and negatives and get them up on Flickr. I started this back in 2010. I got everything scanned in by ScanCafe by mid-2011, in six batches. By mid-2012, I’d gotten five out of those six batches uploaded to Flickr, but I never quite got around to uploading that last batch. Well, I sat down and took care of it today. It’s all in a collection named “Mom’s Negatives Apr 2011“. The first five batches were all basically Dad’s photos. This one was Mom’s. Mom never really took that many photos, and most of these are pretty old. I know who some of the people in these photos are, but some of them are a complete mystery to me. Either way, there are a handful of interesting photos in the batch.

The next part of the project is going to be gathering up all the actual negatives and slides and consolidating those into a plastic bin and moving it into my storage unit. Or maybe just throwing them all out. I don’t know. But, right now, they’re all still in the boxes I got back from ScanCafe, piled up in a closet, which isn’t really a useful way to store them.

And the other part of this project, which I’ve done absolutely nothing on, is to take my Mom’s old home movies and get those scanned in and converted to digital files. Or just toss them out. Either way, I really need to do something about them, since they’re currently piled up under my kitchen table, with a bunch of other stuff that really doesn’t belong under the kitchen table.

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