WP-CLI on 1&1

After coming back from WordCamp, I mentioned that I wanted to start messing with WP-CLI. Well, today, I decided to give that a try under my 1&1 account. I first tried installing it with curl and running it, as described on the WP-CLI home page. But (to make a long story short), I had some problems getting it to work.

Then, I did some searching, and found some indication that WP-CLI might already be installed and configured on my account. So, I just typed in “wp cli info” and hey, it’s there and working. (Thanks, 1&1!) I’ve had some problems installing Jetpack updates from the WP admin page, so now I can just ssh in and type “wp plugin update jetpack”. Much smoother!

Of course, nothing’s perfect, so right now, some of the WP-CLI commands are throwing a whole bunch of warnings up on the screen, but they’re all working, so I’ll see if I can fix the warnings later.

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