1&1 Linux

In anticipation of installing Drupal on my 1&1 account soon, I went into my control panel and poked around a bit. First, I found that my account was set to use PHP 4. It was pretty easy to switch it to PHP 5. A call to phpinfo() shows that I’m now at 5.2.17. That’s not quite up to date, but it’s probably close enough.
I also looked into the MySQL setup. Several years ago, I set up a MySQL database on my account. That database is still there, at MySQL 4, with a 100 MB limit. Just for the heck of it, I created a new database. The new one is MySQL 5, and has a 1 GB limit. So, that’s nice. (There doesn’t seem to be any way to upgrade the old MySQL 4 db to MySQL 5, but that’s fine, since it’s empty.)
I even went as far as uploading the Drupal 7 tar.gz file today, but the 1&1 web file browser can’t unzip tar.gz files, so I’m going to need to get to a command prompt to do that, and it’s a little late to get into that tonight.

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