I went into New York yesterday, and did a few semi-interesting things. First, I went to the building where my NYU iOS dev class will (likely) be held. I wanted to do a dry run before the class actually starts, so I’d know where it was and how long it would take to get there. While i was in the neighborhood, I stopped at Strand Books and Forbidden Planet. I picked up one book at Strand, but managed to somehow leave Forbidden Planet without spending any money. Then, I took the subway from Union Square to Grand Central, and wandered around there for a while. I stopped at the Lexington Ave Midtown Comics location. This time, I did not succeed in leaving without spending any money, though I only bought a few new comics.

After that, I walked to MoMA and hung out there for a while. I would have stayed longer, but a pigeon used me for target practice while I was in the sculpture garden. (I just got a bit on my shirt sleeve, which I managed to wash off in the bathroom, so it wasn’t really that bad.) There’s a joke in here somewhere, involving this Jackson Pollock painting, but it’s too obvious.

I held up pretty well through a day that involved a lot of walking around in hot weather, but I started feeling it on the way home.  I had some back pain last night and didn’t sleep well.  But I’m feeling better this morning and will likely try to do a bit of walking around today too.

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