April 2011

I don’t tend to install a lot of Visual Studio add-ons, but I stumbled across DPack recently, and I’ve found it to be quite useful. Specifically, the numbered bookmarks, which […]


iMacOriginally uploaded by andyhuey When I agreed to develop a Mac app for a client, I’m not sure why I agreed to make it backward-compatible to OS 10.4. Now I’m […]

I was flipping through channels this morning, and landed on TCM right as the final scene in The Great Dictator was starting. That final speech is great: We think too […]

OK, I know it’s sappy, but I like it. Also, in the “dubious achievements” department, I have finally caught up and read all of the comic strip e-mails that have […]

I’ve been catching up on some reading today, working my way through some old e-mail newsletters that have been piling up in my inbox. I’m in August 2010 right now, […]

I’m really looking forward to this… (Update: There used to be a Doctor Who countdown timer here, but it appears to be dead now.)