progress on Cocoa programming

I’m making some progress, working my way through the Cocoa Programming book that I’m reading right now. I’m including a screenshot from Bitbucket below, showing my check-ins over the last week. I have also started working on the actual Cocoa project that I’m supposed to be working on. I haven’t gotten very far with it, though. Messing with Cocoa has made me realize how proficient I’ve gotten with .Net programming over the last few years. In Cocoa, I’m struggling with stuff that I could do in .Net in my sleep.

Also, I’m realizing that .Net is a much more programmer-friendly environment that Cocoa and Objective-C. I’m not looking to start any language/framework wars, but there are a lot of things that are much easier to do in C# than in Objective-C. And wiring up a GUI for a Windows Forms app is a lot easier than creating a desktop Cocoa app.

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