catching up on paperwork

The last time I really sat down and brought all my accounts up to date in Quicken was in April 2010. Well, after feeling kind of sick yesterday, I’m feeling better today, and I decided that it would be a good day to do a lot of catch-up work. I entered all of my 2010 Merrill statements into Quicken, manually.

And I decided to give up on entering my 401(k) statements from my old job. I had quarterly statements going back to 2009 that I hadn’t entered. I decided to instead just let Quicken update that account automatically. That account is managed by Fidelity, and I had previously had trouble getting Quicken to update that account automatically, but it seems to be working now. The reason I still have that account, by the way, is because it’s still help up in some kind of audit related to the bankruptcy of that company. I’m hoping it will get released at some point this year, and I’ll be able to roll it over into an IRA at Merrill.

I also now have an inherited IRA with Merrill, which is basically half of my mother’s old IRA. I decided to just set that up as automatically updating, rather than entering it manually. I think that will work OK. I’d like to switch my main Merrill CMA and Roth IRA accounts over to auto-updating too, but I’m still a little afraid to do that. At one point, the way Merrill fed data into Quicken was pretty weird and not quite right. I’m going to watch how this works with my inherited IRA for a few months, and see if it’s looking reasonable enough at this point to switch all my accounts over to auto-update.

Meanwhile, I had really planned on firing up TurboTax today, and getting at least a first draft of my taxes done. That hasn’t happened yet, but at least I’ve “cleared the decks”, so to speak, so I can get started with that, without worrying about all the other paper that was piling up on my file cabinet.

Oh, and I think I’m supposed to watch the SuperBowl today too.

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