February 2011

fun with Mercurial

As I’ve been working my way through Cocoa Programming, I’ve been checking in my source code, using MacHg and Bitbucket, at the end of every chapter. One nice side-effect of […]

I’ve been doing a bit of work in my spare time to try to learn Objective-C and Cocoa programming for the Mac. I got sidetracked from that a bit today […]

OK, one more Kindle gripe. When I first set up my Kindle 3 yesterday, I opened a couple of the books that I’d copied over, just to make sure I […]

I got my new Kindle 3 in the mail today. And I’ve successfully transferred all my stuff over from the Kindle 1 to the Kindle 3, wiped the old Kindle, […]

I managed to talk myself into doing my taxes before the SuperBowl started. I bought TurboTax this year instead of the H&R Block At Home (aka TaxCut) software, which I’ve […]