Verizon iPhone thoughts

I’ve had my Verizon iPhone for a few days now. I’m mostly liking it, but I admit I miss a few things about my BlackBerry.
Stuff I like about the iPhone:

  • I haven’t had to reboot it.  (I used to have to reboot the BB almost every day.)
  • Lots of apps. (I had just a handful of apps on the BB.  The way memory worked in the older BB OS, you just couldn’t install too many apps.)
  • Much better web browser.
  • No more need for Missing Sync.

Stuff I miss from the BlackBerry Storm:

  • Dedicated camera button on the right side.
  • User-assignable button on the left side.  (I had it assigned to QuickLaunch, which I also miss.)
  • Ability to star a GMail message right in the native mail app (via the enhanced GMail plugin).
  • SurePress.  I know most reviewers weren’t keen on it, but I kind of liked it.

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