November 2010

I just ordered a new GPS from Amazon. I’ve been using an older TomTom that I bought back in 2007. It still works, but it’s been a little flaky, and […]

Ernie Preuss

Ernie Originally uploaded by andyhuey I just found out that my Dad’s best friend Ernie passed away back in September. I have a few good photos of Ernie in my […]

Mark Evanier on libraries — I too was issued an adult library card before I was old enough to have one, mainly because I’d outgrown the stuff in the childrens […]

SDCC 2011

ComicCon 2011Originally uploaded by Da_Zhuang Comic-Con registration crashes for second time – — Well, I *tried* to get a 4-day pass for Comic-Con today. It didn’t work out so […]

Motorola DROID Pro first impressions | BGR | Boy Genius Report: “Something we can’t move past, though? The ear speaker. Talking on the phone with the DROID Pro is probably […]

The remote for my TV stopped working today. Neither my cable remote nor the remote that came with my TV would work on the TV, so I knew it was […]

75 Years Of DC Comics: The Art Of Modern Mythmaking Wow, here’s a book I’d buy, if it were a lot cheaper. I’m sure it’s worth the price, considering the […]

On a lark, I signed up for AdSense a while back. I haven’t really bothered looking at my account in a while though. I got a message today that they’re […]

It looks like I will be working on a mobile app (iPhone and Android) at work soon, and I’ve been vaguely interested in mobile development for a while now anyway, […]