It looks like I will be working on a mobile app (iPhone and Android) at work soon, and I’ve been vaguely interested in mobile development for a while now anyway, so I spent some time this weekend looking around for ideas for a small project to work on, to get my feet wet. I spent some time on Programmable Web, and was interested to see this article wondering why there aren’t any great mashup apps for Arlington National Cemetery. Having recently attended a funeral there, I can see how a good mapping app for the cemetery would be really useful. It’s a huge place. There’s an interesting comment following the article from someone who tried to work with the cemetery to try and get something done, but he didn’t get too far.

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  1. Windows Phone is newest and has the fewest apps so you have a better shot at finding something you’d like to do for it that no one else has done yet and that might even be noticed and become popular if you get busy soon.

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