a case study in poor time management

I had a few things I wanted to take care of today. I’m starting a new job on Wednesday, so I just have today and tomorrow left before I’m back at a full-time job, and not easily able to run errands during business hours. Mostly, I needed to work on stuff related to my parents’ estates. To make a long story short, I ended up making three separate trips to the post office, two trips to the bank, two trips to the mail box down the street, one trip to Staples, and one trip to a local UPS drop box. If I’d really thought things out in advance, I could have cut out half of these trips and probably gotten all this stuff done before lunch. Oh well. At least I got a few important things done, even if it wasn’t in the most efficient way possible!

more Virtual PC grief

I booted up my main Windows XP VPC this morning, and it appears that some corruption occured on the virtual disk at some point in the process of moving from VPC 2007 to Windows 7 VPC. There was a problem at one point yesterday, where Windows XP did a CHKDSK and (I thought) fixed a bunch of errors. But now, when I try and go into User Accounts in Control Panel, I’m getting weird errors, so I think some XP files got hosed. I’m now doing a repair install of Win XP to try and fix this. I’m really starting to think that VPC is more trouble than it’s worth, but I’ve invested enough time in it now that I should at least try to follow through for a while longer.