May 2010

I’ve been doing some client-side stuff at work recently, and I’m realizing that I don’t know nearly enough about some of this stuff. So, I picked up a book on […]

Big Bambu

Big Bambu Originally uploaded by andyhuey I went into NYC yesterday, and spent some time at the Met. I went up to the roof to check out Big Bambu. It’s […]

I like this post on converting from Blogger to WordPress. I was thinking about doing this myself, when Blogger announced that they were discontinuing FTP support. I decided to stay […]

Halloween 1976

HalloweenOriginally uploaded by andyhuey I think this is from Halloween 1976. I would have been only 9, and so still at an age where making a cardboard Liberty Bell costume, […]

Dad's old slides

00073_s_10af4mly9r0073Originally uploaded by andyhuey I just got my first batch of scans back from ScanCafe. I’m uploading about 2GB worth of images to Flickr right now. I think it’s going […]

I was just looking through my last several blog posts, and I apologize. They’re all quite boring. To make up for it, here is some Mitch Hedberg.

I’ve had a Kindle subscription to Newsweek for a while now. I’m pretty far behind on my reading right now, but I am still reading it. I was disappointed to […]