Acer Aspire One

I just got the Acer Aspire One that I ordered from Woot last week. I didn’t have any problems getting through the initial setup stuff. I’ve got all that done, and I’m letting it download Windows updates right now. My initial impression is that it’s workable, but I’d never want to use it as my main computer. The keyboard is cramped, but usable. I don’t think I could touch-type on it though. (I’m typing on my MacBook right now, and I’m pretty quick on that keyboard.) The trackpad is really hard to use. I hooked up a USB mouse, and I’m using that instead. The screen is small enough that it’s hard for me to read stuff on it, depending on the font size. So, basically, I think it’ll be a good machine to take with me on an overnight trip, for instance, where I just need to check e-mail, and I want something more than just my BlackBerry and/or iPod Touch. I think if I was going on a week-long trip, I’d still want to take my MacBook or Inspiron.

I didn’t have to uninstall too much bloatware from it. Both Microsoft Works and Office 2007 Home & Student were installed on it. I removed Works. I own a copy of Office 2007 H&S, so I just entered my product key on that. Google Desktop is installed too; I may remove it, or I may keep it. For anti-virus, it’s got the usual 60-day McAfee license. I’ll probably remove that, and go with F-Prot, which is what I use on my desktop PC. Or maybe I’ll pick up this package from Amazon for $20, and just keep using McAfee.

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