more on BookMooch

After my post about BookMooch last night, I wound up listing some more books, about 30 in total. And, this morning, I had requests for a number of them. I’ve now got eight packages ready to bring over to the post office tomorrow morning. I’m sending most of them media mail, so it shouldn’t be too expensive. One’s going to Canada, though, so I think I’ll send that one in a flat-rate Priority Mail envelope. It’ll cost me a few bucks, but BookMooch gives you three points for shipping internationally, so I should get three books out of this one trade.

On the receiving side, I’ve got three books coming to me. I’ve added most of the books on my Amazon wish list to my BookMooch wish list. Aside from the three that are coming, I don’t think any of the others are out there in the BookMooch system anywhere right now. I’ll have to look around and see if anyone’s got anything I’m interested in, so I can use up some of the points I’m getting from sending out so much stuff.

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