GTD after a move

I haven’t posted anything about GTD in a while. I fell behind in my general filing & organizational stuff back in November, when we were preparing for our big move at work. I’ve gradually gotten things back into some kind of order now, but I’m still behind in some ways. I’ve got about 80 messages in my inbox, for instance, that I haven’t gone through and filed. And I haven’t done a proper weekly review yet in 2008, really. But my desk (and general work area) is pretty well organized now. I know where all the important stuff is. My files are alphabetized and in my drawers. All the books are on the bookshelves. The whiteboard is up on the wall. I have a fair number of random papers on my desk, but not in a big undifferentiated pile, or anything like that.

I just spent some time thinking about GTD Connect, and whether or not I should drop out of it. I’ve decided to keep up with in for a few more months, at least. The forums, podcasts, e-mails, etc, do seem to be helping out a bit.

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