books about Paris

A friend’s niece is going on a class trip to Paris soon. That made me think of my trip to Paris back in high school. I’m not going to write a long post reminiscing about that, but I thought I’d just post links to a couple of books on Amazon about Paris, mostly just because I wanted to play around with the function that allows you to do that from the Amazon Media Library.

The two books above were reviewed in The Economist a few years back, and I got interested in them based on that review. I had meant to buy them for myself at some point, but someone bought them for me as a gift before I’d gotten around to doing that.

(Edit, 02/14/2021: The Amazon iframe thing above stopped working at some point, so here are plain links to the books:
Paris: The Biography of a City
Paris Tales
More than ten years after I posted this, and I still haven’t finished reading the first one, or started reading the second. Sigh.)

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