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MacHeist has another bundle of Mac software on sale right now. It’s a good deal, if you need more than one or two of the included applications. I bought the bundle that they were selling about a year ago. About the only app from that bundle that I’m using regularly is DevonThink, which is pretty useful. I’m not really seeing anything in the current bundle that I’d be likely to use, though, so I guess I’ll skip this one.

I have pretty much everything working the way I want it on my new MacBook now. I’ve got FolderShare working fine now. I’ve replaced MacStumbler, which doesn’t seem to work on Intel Macs, with iStumbler, which works fine. And I found out that my old version of the Transmission BitTorrent client didn’t work, so I upgraded to the newest version, which is working fine.

Office 2008 looks interesting, but I don’t think I’ll bother with it. I hardly ever do any word processing or spreadsheet work on the Mac. I do all of that stuff on the PC.

I also paid for VMWare Fusion a couple of weeks ago. (I’d been using the trial version.) I’ve got a Windows XP virtual machine set up, and it’s working reasonably well. I’m mostly just using it when I need remote access to some stuff at work. (I still use pcAnywhere for that, most of the time.)

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